UPDATE:  Beginning  in June 2020 we began holding hold one worship service at 11:00 a.m. and beginning October  2020 we resumed Kidz Club children's church and nursery services during the sermon.

State of Iowa has provided guidance for Spiritual and Religious Gatherings During COVID-19 with recent updates effective June 10, 2020
The White House issued Guidelines for Opening Up America Again , click below to view guidelines found posted n June 18th.
Letter from Pastor Brad Westercamp and Pastor Adam Kyle issued prior to Sunday March 22, 2020 regarding Connect Gatherings and following social distancing requirements, click below to view.  This letter was issued at the beginning of the restrictions being ordered regarding mass gatherings at churches.  Our church was closed one Sunday and has continued to remain open for services and adjusting the gathering times and locations to meet or exceed all state of Iowa recommendations for holding spiritual or religious gatherings.
Our Sunday gathering options have continued to be adjusted to adhere to the State of Iowa guidelines for Mass Gatherings for Spiritual and Religious purposes.  We made sure that we exceeded any requirements established by the State of Iowa with the most recent update as of June 18th, issued on June 10, 2020.  There is no longer a limit of the number of people who can gather but reasonable measures must be taken to ensure social distancing by everyone, increased hygiene practices and other public health measures to reduce the risk of further spread are taken, which we are making sure have been exceeded.

As always we recommend special caution be taken by all but especially those in the high risk categories which are older adults 65+ years old and anyone with a high-risk or pre-existing medical condition.  While we aren't driven by worry, we want to be wise as well. Please be mindful of guidance from local and national health agencies. If you are not sick with any symptoms related to coronavirus, not compromised by preexisting medical conditions and want to gather with others in a safe way, then we hope you will attend a Sunday service.